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   Yes, this is an old picture of me in when I was in diving school.  When I was a few years younger I travelled the world welding subsea pipelines and oil rigs.  Go to www.judojim.com for more info and some cool pictures about this.


What is important now is that I can dive in and help you through the process of purchasing or refinancing your home.  Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a savvy, seasoned property investor I can help you navigate a course that fits your needs.  Whatever your financing needs, I can get to the bottom of your deals.


  Buying a home is an important decision.  Realtors must help their clients by steering a steady course.  The best agents are  prepared for all types of weather including the loan package that the buyer must deal with for years to come.  If you not satisfied with how you are being treated or you simply want a second opinion call me.


   Preparation, bold determination, and perserverance will anchor your deal.   


Contact me at my office at


800.335.6268  (800.33LoanU)



                       Jim Stucker




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