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Sailing you home through the Golden Gate...


Photo of Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area from 32,000 feet by Jim Stucker.


Are you thinking about purchasing a home?  

Are you thinking about refinancing your home?


If so, let me help you sail though the process.


These days you can choose from hundreds of agents and lenders.  They all claim to have the lowest rates.  But when you call for a quote you are told something different than what was advertised.  Imagine that! 


Tired of this sort of treatment?

Call me and tell me about it.  I'll be happy to listen and then I'll be happy to help you shop for your next home and I'll find you the best loan package that fits your needs.


It's easier than ever to obtain financing regardless of your credit situation.  Let me help you get started. 


Call me today for a free consultation.  Tell your friends to call me too!



Jim Stucker                        

Call my cell phone 510.677.7555      

or email me at        



Or, you can contact me at my office at


800.335.6268  (800.33LoanU)





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